If you do not qualify for DIB benefits or you are impoverished you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income or SSI. SSI benefits are a needs based benefit so rather than looking at your past work experience, Social Security will instead look at your current living situation. As such there are income restrictions in place to determine eligibility for this type of benefits. Furthermore, with a few exceptions, if you do qualify for SSI benefits every dollar coming in for either you or your significant other whether earned or unearned will be counted against your monthly SSI check.


Asset Restrictions For SSI Benefits

Because this benefit is designed for those who are truly impoverished there is a limit on the amount of assets you can own and still be eligible for disability benefits. When it comes to counting assets Social Security will exclude the home you live in as well as one car for each spouse. Anything else such as savings accounts, checking accounts, cash on hand, 401k’s, IRA’s, Life Insurance Policies with a cash out value will be counted as an available asset.


The SSI Limit for Assets Are:

Individual/Child- $2,000

Couple (Married or Living Together) – $3,000

If you have assets above these limits you must spend down your assets before you are eligible for SSI benefits.


Income Restrictions for SSI Benefits

As stated above, there are income restrictions for individuals receiving SSI benefits. What these restrictions are is contingent on household size and type of income. Below is Social Security’s table to determine if you are below the maximum allowed income.

Gross Monthly Income BELOW the dollar amounts shown means a disabled individual may be eligible for SSI benefits
Number of Children NOT on SSI Benefits All EARNED Income All UNEARNED Income
One Parent Household Two Parent Household One Parent Household Two Parent Household
0 $3,065 $3,801 $1,510 $1,878
1 $3,433 $4,169 $1,878 $2,246
2 $3,801 $4,537 $2,246 $2,614
3 $4,169 $4,905 $2,601 $2,982
4 $4,537 $5,272 $2,982 $3,350
5 $4,905 $5,641 $3,350 $3,718
6+ $5,273 $6,009 $3,718 $4,086

Hire a Utah Disability Attorney

If you are looking to apply for Social Security Disability benefits call your local Utah Disability Attorney today. SSDI Lawyers will greatly increase your chances of being approved for disability benefits and can help you get those benefits as quickly as possible. There is $0 up front and we only accept a fee if we are able to get you benefits. Call today for your free evaluation to see what type of disability benefits you may qualify for.



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