What if I’ve
been denied for Social Security Disability?

If you have already been denied on your disability application you may feel discouraged or feel like Social Security doesn’t care about you and what you are going through. If you feel this way you aren’t alone. The large majority of applications are denied the first go around. In order to receive a favorable decision you must be willing to appeal your initial denial often all the way up to the hearing level.

Where do I go from here?

The road to disability benefits can be a long and tedious one. For this reason, we highly recommend you hire a Social Security disability advocate. Whether that is our firm or another it could truly make the difference between winning and losing as well as give you peace of mind that your case is being handled correctly. However, you do have the option to proceed on your own.

  1. Often filing an appeal can be done online. If your case requires a paper appeal contact your local Social Security office for the necessary forms.
    You also have the option of calling Social Security directly to file an appeal. That office can be reached at 1-800-772-1213.
  2. If you were denied for technical reasons, either you did not have enough work credits or your income is too high, you may qualify for a different type of benefit than the one you applied for, if you have questions on this you can always give our office a call for a free evaluation of your claim.
  3. Make sure you act quickly, you only have 60 days from the date the denial was written to appeal a decision. If you miss this deadline for any reason you will likely have to start over with a new application.

Strengthen Your Claim

There are a number of things you can do to strengthen your claim. We recommend the following:

  1. Get regular medical treatment. Medical records documenting your disability, whether medical or mental, is the single most important thing in determining if you are disabled.
  2. Find a doctor or therapist that will support your claim. If you have a doctor or a therapist willing to fill out a Residual Functional Capacity form for physical disabilities or a Mental Capacity Assessment for mental disabilities these forms can, and often do, make the difference between winning and losing your case. If your doctor is uncomfortable filling out these forms you can also ask them to write a brief letter to Social Security describing your disabilities and giving their opinion on your ability to work.
  3. Submit copies of your medical records to Social Security.
  4. Make sure you go to any appointments Social Security makes. Often Social Security will send you to their doctors for an evaluation, it is absolutely critical that you attend these appointments.

If you are feeling overwhelmed let our team here at Mountain West Disability help. We will make sure your claim is as strong as possible and that Social Security has everything they need to make an informed decision. We will make sure your paperwork gets filed on time and correctly. We do not charge anything up front and will only collect fees if we are able to help you get benefits. Our fee is set by Social Security and is 25% of your back pay up to $6,000 and will be paid to us directly from Social Security. Give us a call today!

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