When Should You Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from earning a living, hiring a Social Security disability attorney may be a smart move.

Experienced Utah lawyers can often help expedite the claims process, and having representation increases your odds of being approved for benefits. That’s not just our opinion, either — research shows that people who have professional assistance are two to three times more likely to win a disability case.

If you’re thinking about hiring a disability attorney, we suggest scheduling a free consultation. Here’s a look at when to make that call.

Social Security disability attorney Utah

When is the Right Time to Contact a Disability Lawyer?

Generally speaking, the sooner you hire a Social Security disability attorney, the better.

If you haven’t yet filed your initial application for benefits, a lawyer can assess the strength of your case, suggest areas for improvement and make sure that the information you’ve provided contains no omissions, errors or disparities.

If you already applied for benefits, you can still benefit from contacting an attorney. Depending on the specifics of your case, an experienced Utah disability attorney may be able to speed up the claims process.

If you’ve been denied benefits, we strongly suggest that you should call a qualified legal professional. An attorney can help you file a request for consideration and, should the need arise, assist with further appeals.

How a Disability Attorney Improves Your Chances of Approval

Many people think they should apply for disability benefits on their own, then hire a lawyer if the claim gets denied. In some cases, this isn’t bad advice, but consider the following:

  • Attorneys are well-familiar with the disability application and claims process.
  • Attorneys understand the laws and regulations related to disability claims.
  • Attorneys are fully aware of what it takes to get a claim on the right track.

We’re guessing that you probably wouldn’t make any of those statements about yourself – which is why hiring a disability lawyer is in your best interests. Without that knowledge, steering a case toward approval is much more of a challenge.

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If you believe that you’re eligible for disability benefits and would like legal advice and assistance your claim, you’ll want to an experienced Utah disability attorney. A professional who has guided a great number of disabled individuals through the claims process is the ideal choice – and that describes the team at Mountain West Disability.

Our advocates and attorneys have years of experience helping people obtain the benefits the need, and we’re here to do the same for you. For more information on our services, or to schedule a free case review with a dedicated Social Security disability attorney, call our office in Murray, Utah, today.