According to the Pew Research Center, currently about 9% of individuals in Utah are disabled and only about 2.5% are on Social Security Disability. Officials believe the number of individuals on disability is likely low because of how difficult the process has become.

Jamie Moore is a community integration specialist at Red Rock Center for Independence. She believes the low percentage of those with disabilities creates a lack of exposure and understanding for most Utahans.

People with Disabilities Have a Harder Time Being Approved For Disability Benefits in Utah

To be approved for benefits you often have to go through a lengthy process of applying and appealing denials. Moore says that the this process is typically more difficult in Utah.  She works with her clients to help them get disability benefits.

“They really have to be persistent and wiling to keep trying and provide documentation and information to support their case,” Moore said. “They often get rejected the first time around.” 

Oftentimes, Moore said, the rejection letter doesn’t specify why the applicant was turned down. 

“It’s very typical to get turned down, and you almost always have to have a lawyer,” said Jennifer Miller-Smith, chair of the state and Salt Lake County Democratic Caucus for Disabilities.  

Fewer than 20% of applicants are approved on the initial claim. This means decisions must be appealed and appealed again before you are able to get in front of a Social Security judge.

Hire a Utah Disability Lawyer

Currently thousands or disabled Utahans are not receiving the disability benefits they need. Call an experienced disability attorney today. Having a disability attorney can greatly increase your chances of being approved for Disability Benefits. If you need help, call today for your free consultation.





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