With approximately 90% of all initial applications denied, chances are you are going to need to appeal your Social Security Disability claim in order to be approved for benefits. Disability appeals are becoming the new normal in the application process. Receiving that initial denial can be discouraging, however, it does mean you are one step closer to eventually being approved. Below is what you will need to know for filing your Utah Disability Appeal.

How to Appeal Your Denial

  1. Hire a Salt Lake City Disability Lawyer


Having a disability attorney is the number one thing you can do for your Social Security Disability claim. Not only will they make sure that Social Security gets all the paperwork necessary for an appeal, but they will also help get the relevant forms and records necessary to be approved for disability benefits.


  1. Fill Out All Relevant Paperwork as Quickly as Possible


Social Security does give a time limit on disability appeals. You will only have 60 days to get all relevant paperwork to Social Security. Typically you will need to file Social Security form 3441. This form can also be filled out online through Social Security’s website.

  1. Find a Doctor Willing to Support Your Claim


Having a doctor who is supportive of you receiving disability is huge. Getting a letter from your doctor explaining your limitations and how they affect your daily activities and ability to work can be the difference between winning and losing your claim. Functional and mental capacity assessments can also be extremely helpful to Social Security as they try to make their decision. If you need a copy of these forms please contact our office.


  1. Submit Your Medical Records


Medical records are the number one piece of evidence you will need in your disability claim. If you have a disability attorney, simply let them know what doctors and hospitals you have been to since becoming disabled. They will ensure those records get to SSA. If you do not have a disability attorney you will need to get your records yourself. We recommend you go to each facility you have been treated at and request a copy of your medical records. You will then need to submit these to Social Security.


Call Mountain West Disability Today


If you need help filing an appeal on your denial give our office a call. We can pick your claim up and ensure you have the best chance of being approved for benefits. There is $0 up front and we will only accept a fee if we are able to win you benefits. Call today for your free consultation.




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