Understanding Social Security Disability Dire Needs Requests

The pace at which Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims are processed and reviewed is notoriously slow. And, when you’re unable to work or earn a living because of a disability, this can place you in a perilous financial situation.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) does, under certain circumstances, agree to expedite a portion of the process. To request consideration, you must submit a dire needs request.

Although this approach does not work in every case, it can be invaluable to help speed up the process if you are facing one of the situations the SSA considers to be a dire need.

Social Security disability dire needs requests

What Are SSDI Dire Needs Requests?

A dire needs request, sometimes called a dire need letter or DNL, are a method of requesting an expedited hearing in your SSDI claim.

Providing full detail is imperative for getting the SSA to consider your request.

To make a request, you must follow the required format and provide clear proof of the dire circumstances involved. The SSA will not approve your request without first verifying the details and severity of your situation.

What Circumstances Qualify as Dire Needs?

The most common reason that DNLs get approved is the imminent threat of homelessness. In other words, you are facing eviction from your rental property or foreclosure from a home you own.

You may be granted an expedited hearing in some cases if your utilities are in immediate danger of being shut off, or if you cannot afford life-sustaining medical treatment or care.

The final reason that you might have a DNL approved is if you an injured member of the military. However, the viability of these requests depends on your status and the date of your injury.

When Can You Submit a Dire Needs Request?

In most cases, you can only submit this request when you are awaiting a hearing before an administrative law judge. Upon approval, your hearing will be scheduled ahead of other non-urgent applicants who are awaiting their hearing.

Unfortunately, no matter how serious your circumstances may be, this process cannot be used to expedite the review of your original application or of a request for reconsideration appeal.

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