Anyone who has applied for Social Security Disability can tell you that the process of being approved for benefits is not quick. Claims can take anywhere from months to years to be approved. Fortunately, Social Security does off back pay to make up for the time when you could have been receiving disability benefits if your claim had been approved immediately.


How Disability Back Pay is Determined


When determining how much disability back pay you will receive, Social Security looks at two separate dates. First, the date you filed your application, and second your onset date. Your onset date is the date the judge determined you were no longer able to work. This date will only affect your back pay if it is sometime after you initially applied for disability benefits. This means that if you applied a year ago but the judge didn’t find you disabled until six months ago, you will only receive back pay for the past six months.


If your onset date is found to be before your application date you will receive benefits from you application date on. It is a common misconception that Social Security will pay you back pack back through the time you first became disabled which is unfortunately not the case. This is why it is important to get your application as soon as you are unable to work full time.


How You Will Receive Your Back Pay


Once upon a time you would be rewarded back pay in one lump sum soon after being qualified for disability. While this can still be true for some claims, it is typically not the case for most. How and when you get your disability back pay will be dependent on what type of disability benefits you were approved for. After the amount of your back pay is determined you will be contacted by Social Security to set up an appointment with your local office. There they will determine how you will receive your back pay benefits which is usually split up between multiple payments.

Contact a Utah Disability Attorney

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