Social Security Disability – Monthly Amounts for DIB & SSI

In Utah, disabled individuals who need financial assistance may qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits through two different programs: Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Both DIB and SSI provide monthly cash payments to Utah residents who are unable to work due to a physical or mental disability, but the amounts differ. To get an idea of how much you might receive in disability benefits if your claim is approved, take a look at the following.

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Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)

Also referred to as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), DIB is based on work credits. This program provides disability benefits to qualified Utah residents who have paid enough in Social Security taxes through previous employment.

Under the Disability Insurance Benefits program, the monthly cash payment a person receives varies depending upon past earnings. In 2022, the average amount was $1,358, and DIB payments were capped at $3,345 per month.

When disability benefits through the DIB program are awarded to an individual, members of their family may also be eligible. The 2022 average monthly payment for a married DIB recipient with one or more children was $2,383.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Unlike DIB, the Supplemental Security Income program isn’t based on work history – it’s based on need. Through SSI, low-income Utah residents are able to receive monthly cash assistance.

Disabled individuals who are approved for SSI are awarded the federal benefit rate, which fluctuates with the cost of living. In 2022, the maximum payment amount for a single person was $841. For an eligible married individual, the monthly benefit was $1,261.

Those who qualify to receive SSI payments also receive Medicaid benefits. So, along with monthly cash payments, SSI offers immediate health coverage.

Can You Receive DIB and SSI Benefits?

Yes, some Utah residents are approved for both DIB and SSI – this is known as receiving concurrent benefits.

The Social Security Administration pays out concurrent benefits when the DIB amount falls below the federal benefit rate, which can occur if a disabled individual hasn’t worked recently or didn’t earn much through employment. In 2022, anyone approved for DIB of less than $841 gets the difference through the SSI program. Applying for disability benefits through both programs isn’t necessary – when pertinent, the SSA automatically pays concurrent benefits.

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