Social Security Disability Application Tips

If you are disabled and cannot work, you may be thinking about filling out a Social Security disability application. Approval for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) could put you on better financial footing and allow you to get the medical care you need.

But how do you go about applying? For a look at your options and expert tips on how to increase your chance of getting approved for disability benefits, read on. 

Tips for getting disability claim approval

How to Apply for Disability Benefits

You can apply for SSI or DIB in person at your local Social Security office or, if you prefer, you can schedule a phone interview.

The Social Security disability application can also be completed online. However, this option may be off the table if you are applying for SSI benefits.

Another way to apply is to work with a disability advocate – like the team at Mountain West Disability. An advocate can complete the necessary paperwork, saving you time and saving you the frustration of making sure the application is filled out properly.  

What You Need to Fill Out the Disability Application

To complete your Social Security disability application, you will need easy access to certain information. Before you start, gather the following:

  • Names, phone numbers and addresses of the doctors, hospitals and clinics that have provided you with medical treatment
  • Names and dosages of every medication you currently take
  • Names and dates of birth of your spouse and minor children, if any
  • Names and addresses of recent and current employers
  • Your most recent W-2 or a copy of your federal income tax return
  • Medical and laboratory test results already in your possession
  • The date your disability began to interfere with your ability to work

Tips to Increase Your Odds of Approval

No one can guarantee that your initial Social Security disability application will be approved, but taking appropriate care in answering the questions can boost the likelihood of success.

When filling out the disability application paperwork, make sure to:

  • Provide complete, thorough answers that offer as much detail as possible
  • List every condition that limits your ability to work, including mental health struggles
  • Avoid downplaying or exaggerating the severity of your symptoms
  • Explain how your symptoms and limitations affect your day-to-day activities
  • Never leave any answers blank; instead write “does not apply” or “do not know”

If you are worried about completing the disability application properly, seek out expert help from a professional advocate. Here at Mountain West Disability, you can get assistance with no upfront cost – we take our fee, which is set by the Social Security Administration, out of the back pay you are awarded. We only get paid if you do, so you can count on our team to help you achieve success with your SSI or DIB claim.

Mountain West Disability, located in northern Utah, has been helping people across the country for several years. Contact us and schedule a free consultation to discuss your Social Security disability application today.