The line between “can work with difficulty” and “cannot work” is thin. When does Social Security determine that a person has crossed that line? To be considered disabled you must first meet Social Security’s definition of medically disabled, and second, you must not be able to work because of your conditions.

How Does Social Security Label Somebody Medically Disabled?

You may have heard of Social Security’s listings of impairments, or their blue book. In it they break down each common condition. If you meet their requirements you will be deemed medically disabled. If you do not see your condition on the list or you don’t meet their requirements it does not mean you are not qualified. It just means you will need to work a little harder to prove you are medically disabled.

Proving Disability

If you watch shows like Bones or CSI you know the importance of evidence in any type of legal proceeding. In disability cases evidence comes in the form of medical records. Regular medical treatment and testing is the single most important thing to determining if you are medically disabled or not. So it is important to seek regular treatment and to make sure those medical records get to Social Security.

Proving Your Disabilities Make It So You Are Unable to Work

In multiple claims the judge will find that the applicant does have a severe impairment. However, the individual will not be approved for benefits because although they do have a condition that is playing a major impact on their lives, the judge does feel that there are jobs out there they can handle even though they are disabled.

This is why it is important to have doctors explain exactly HOW this condition affects your day to day life and HOW it is affecting your ability to work. Here at Mountain West Disability we send forms to the our clients doctors, in cases like these, these forms can be make or break for many of our clients.

Call a Utah Disability Lawyer

Proving disability can be a difficult process. Having an experienced disability attorney fight for you can greatly increase your chances of being approved. If you have a condition that is keeping you from working call our office today for your free consultation. There is $0 up front and we only accept a fee if we are able to get you benefits.



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