Because every cancer is different, Social Security has come up with guidelines for each type of the common cancers to determine if they qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The following is the guidelines Social Security has put out regarding skin cancer.

13.29 Malignant melanoma (including skin, ocular, or mucosal melanomas), as described in either A, B, or C:

  1. Recurrent (except an additional primary melanoma at a different site, which is not considered to be recurrent disease) following either 1 or 2:
  2. Wide excision (skin melanoma).
  3. Enucleation of the eye (ocular melanoma).


  1. With metastases as described in 1, 2, or 3:
  2. Metastases to one or more clinically apparent nodes; that is, nodes that are detected by imaging studies (excluding lymphoscintigraphy) or by clinical evaluation (palpable).
  3. If the nodes are not clinically apparent, with metastases to four or more nodes.
  4. Metastases to adjacent skin (satellite lesions) or distant sites (for example, liver, lung, or brain).


  1. Mucosal melanoma.

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