Should You File a Supplemental Security Income Claim?

If your income is limited and you have few resources, filing a Supplemental Security Income claim could be in your best interests.

SSI, a federally funded program administered by the Social Security Administration, can provide you with the financial support you need – if, that is, you qualify to receive benefits. Here, we explain the SSI eligibility requirements, benefit amounts and how to file an application.

How to determine SSI eligibility

Qualifying for SSI Benefits

To be eligible for SSI benefits, one of the following must be true:

  • You’re under 65 years of age
  • You’re partially or totally blind
  • You have a disabling medical condition that will prevent you from working for at least one year

In addition, you must have a limited income. For an individual in 2020, that means earning no more than $783 per month, and for a couple, the monthly earning must be no higher than $1,175. But, not all income counts for the SSI benefit program, so you can bring home more money and still qualify.

Because SSI is a needs-based program, you must also have limited assets. The limits on resources are $2,000 for individuals and $3,000 for couples, but that total doesn’t include everything you own. For instance, the SSA doesn’t count the value of the home you live in and that of your primary vehicle.

SSI Benefit Amounts

If you file a Supplemental Security Income claim, how much can you expect to receive each month?

Everyone who qualifies gets the same basic SSI benefit payment, which is equal to the income limit. For 2020, that amount is:

  • $783 for an individual
  • $1,175 for a couple

However, many states – including Utah – administer supplemental payments, which increase the monthly SSI benefit amount. Conversely, based upon where you live and the size of your household, you could receive less.

Filing an SSI Claim

You can start the application for SSI benefits online, or you could choose to set up an in-person or telephone appointment with an agent from your local Social Security Administration office. For an easier time, however, you may want to work with a Social Security Disability advocate.

An experienced advocate, like the team at Mountain West Disability in northern Utah, can handle every aspect of the Supplemental Security Income claim process. Plus, since Social Security Disability advocates work on a contingency basis, you won’t have to worry about upfront fees – and you can count on an advocate to make every effort to ensure your claim is approved.

For more information on how Mountain West Disability can help you get the SSI benefits you need, or to get expert assistance with your Supplemental Security Income claim, contact our Murray, Utah, office today.