Gone are the days where you could easily get approved for disability benefits just by documenting that you have a certain condition. Now, Social Security has to be more selective of who they do and do not award disability benefits to. If you have Parkinson’s Disease you can be qualified to receive Social Security Disability Benefits if you meet the following criteria.

11.06 Parkinsonian syndrome, characterized by A or B despite adherence to prescribed treatment for at least 3 consecutive months (see 11.00C):

  1. Disorganization of motor function in two extremities (see 11.00D1), resulting in an extreme limitation (see 11.00D2) in the ability to stand up from a seated position, balance while standing or walking, or use the upper extremities.


  1. Marked limitation (see 11.00G2) in physical functioning (see 11.00G3a), and in one of the following:
  2. Understanding, remembering, or applying information (see 11.00G3b(i)); or
  3. Interacting with others (see 11.00G3b(ii)); or
  4. Concentrating, persisting, or maintaining pace (see 11.00G3b(iii)); or
  5. Adapting or managing oneself (see 11.00G3b(iv)).

Hire a Utah Disability Lawyer

If you have Parkinson’s Disease proving you cannot work can be difficult. This is where having an experienced Disability Lawyer can make the difference between winning and losing benefits. If you cannot work because of your Parkinson’s Disease and would like to apply for Social Security Disability give our office a call for your free consultation. There is $0 up front and we will only accept a fee if we are able to get you benefits.



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