Applying for disability seems pretty straightforward. You take an hour or so to fill out the application online, wait, then get your approval letter. In an ideal world this would be how Social Security operates however, this is not the case. Most people are not approved until a couple of appeals have been filed and a hearing has been held. If you do need to go to a hearing you certainly want an disability lawyer present to advocate on your behalf. What you may not know, is there can be a huge benefit to hiring an attorney from the get go.

How Disability Attorneys can Help in the Initial and Reconsideration Stages

  1. The Process of Applying for Disability is Often a Difficult and Time Consuming Process

The road to disability is not an easy one. Social Security often requires multiple forms, medical evidence, and medical and mental examinations. Keeping everything straight and ensuring Social Security has everything they need is not an easy task. Many people assume that if Social Security is missing something they will simply call you to let you know. While this may happen if you get lucky with your case manager it is not always the case. You may be surprised down the road to get a denial letter for failure to submit a form or piece of evidence.


Having a disability lawyer on your claim can ensure that everything is done properly and in a timely manner. We have been through the process thousands of times. We know what to expect, Your dedicated case manager will ensure your case is being handled properly.


  1. Social Security Loses a Lot of Documents

With over one million pending disability claims, Social Security has a lot of mail coming in each day. As a result of the huge backlog, mail is often misplaced or misfiled. Because of this, we will follow up with Social Security to ensure that everything we send them is received. We make copies of everything we send in so that in the event the document is loss, we are able to re send the documents.


  1. We Will Ensure Social Security Gets All of Your Medical Records

The number one most important thing you need to be approved for disability benefits is medical records backing up your conditions. For the initial stages Social Security will request your medical records. However, due to the extreme amount of work these requests are often not followed up on with properly and often Social Security will not get the records they need. In these situations your claim can either be delayed several months while they wait for the records to come in, or a decision may be made without them. As a way to ensure you have the best chance of being approved in these initial stages and also to make sure you get a decision back as quickly as possible, we will work with Social Security and your doctor’s offices to ensure your medical records get to Social Security as quickly as possible.


  1. We Will Send Forms To Your Doctors

Having a form or letter from your doctor stating you cannot work can greatly increase your chances of being approved for benefits. We will work with your doctors to get these forms filled out and submit them to Social Security.


  1. The Fee is The Same Regardless of When You Hire an Attorney

Attorney fees are set by Social Security. The fee they deemed reasonable was 25% of your back benefits. It doesn’t matter if you hire an attorney from the beginning or just for the hearing, the fee will be the same.


How Disability Lawyers Help During the Hearing Level


If you have applied, been denied, appealed,  and been denied again you will need to have a hearing to be approved for benefits. At this level having a disability attorney help out with your claim becomes essential in most cases. Often, judges will not hold a hearing unless an attorney is present. Having an attorney who has built your claim and read your medical records will greatly improve your chances of being approved.


Once your hearing is scheduled Social Security no longer requests your medical records. It then becomes your responsibility to gather any new medical records as well as any Social Security missed during the initial stages. Here at Mountain West Disability, we will not only request all of your medical records which can be extremely time consuming, but we will also pay for them. Unlike other law firms, we will never ask you to reimburse us for these expenses.


Call a Utah Social Security Attorney Today

If you are not able to work due to a disability applying for benefits can seem overwhelming. You may wonder if you even have a good case. Call us today for your free evaluation.



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