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How Hiring a Disability Lawyer Will Help Your Disability Claim

  1. Disability attorneys can make sure your appeals are being taken care of properly.

The initial application itself may not seem to be daunting. However, what you may not know is that less than 10% of claims are applications are approved the first go around. This means appeals must be filed until you finally request a hearing and appear before a judge.

  1. Disability attorneys can advocate for you at your disability hearing.

Most claims that are approved are approved at the hearing level. While all judges prefer to have an attorney present at these hearings many will insist on it. Every month we get calls from applicants who had gone to their hearing alone and was told to find an attorney and come back. The judge knows how long the process is and they really do want to ensure that if you are actually disabled they are able to grant you benefits rather than making you have to start over from the beginning. Having an attorney who knows the rules will greatly increase your chances of being approved at the hearing level.


  1. Disability attorneys will build your claim so you have the best possible chance of being approved.

As mentioned earlier, most people who are approved are approved at the hearing level. Unfortunately, Social Security only gathers records with the initial stages of the process. As you may know medical records are the single most important thing you need when proving disability. With Social Security no longer requesting your records, this leaves it up to you to gather your medical records and forms once your hearing gets scheduled. This can be both difficult and pricey. Here at Mountain West Disability, we will take on the task of gathering, and paying for your medical records. We also send out forms to your doctors which can make your claim. You can have peace of mind knowing the judge has absolutely everything he needs when it comes time for your hearing.


  1. Disability attorneys can make sure your claim gets approved as quickly as possible.

While unfortunately there is no way to cut through the entire back log we do know the rules to getting claims expedited if you meet the criteria. We also will do regular status checks with Social Security to ensure that your claim doesn’t slip through the cracks.

How Much Does Hiring a Disability Attorney Cost?

If you are like most people applying for disability benefits, finances can be a problem. Luckily we charge no upfront fees and you will not owe us anything unless you get approved for disability benefits. If you are approved for benefits Social Security has a set fee for attorneys. Their fee is 25% of back benefits awarded and they will pay us directly which means you do not have to ever write us a check. Unlike other law firms, we will never ask you to repay us for the money we expended gathering your medical records. With other law firms many are surprised that they owe the firm hundreds of dollars even after a denial. We will never ask you to reimburse us for records we gathered on y our behalf regardless of if you are approved or not.

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