Mistakes to Avoid on Your Social Security Disability Application

In a perfect world, anyone unable to work due to medical reasons could complete a Social Security disability application and receive benefits. In reality, many Utah residents – more than half of those who apply – are rejected by the Social Security Administration.

Why are so many applications denied? There are several reasons, but the issue often boils down to mistakes made when completing the forms. To give yourself the best chance of getting approved for disability benefits, you’ll want to avoid the following.

Social Security disability applications Utah

Inaccurate Personal Information

Completing a Social Security disability application requires a significant amount of basic data. You’ll need to provide your birthdate, the name of your current spouse, the beginning and ending dates of all marriages and divorces, the names and birthdates of your children – we could go on, but you get the idea.

As you might expect, it’s easy to transpose numbers or provide info that isn’t exactly accurate. If that happens, the mistake could lead to a delay or denial of your disability claim.

Incomplete Medical Information

The disability application asks for a thorough medical history, and the SSA uses this information to determine eligibility for benefits. Among other details, you’ll need to provide the contact info for all of your health care providers, the dates of your visits, test results and medical records from every doctor and facility where you sought treatment.

Disability applicants often accidentally leave out emergency room visits, and many don’t include medical information that doesn’t seem relevant. Either mistake could derail your disability claim.

Incorrect Employment Information

Work history plays a large role in the SSA’s process for determining eligibility for benefits. To qualify for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) you must have worked for 20 of the last 40 quarters. You must also pass the duration of work test, proving that you paid into the Social Security system for a long enough period.

You’ll need to provide work documents, employment dates and sufficient details as the requirements of each job when you submit your disability application. Clearly, not giving the SSA all of the necessary info would be a mistake.

Can You Fix Mistakes on Your Social Security Disability Application?

If you believe you made an error or left out important information when completing your Social Security disability application, you can address the problem by visiting the closest Utah field office. There, a member of the staff can help you correct any mistakes.

Not sure if your application was completed correctly? Or are you just getting ready to apply for benefits? Either way, an experienced disability lawyer or advocate in Utah can provide you with the assistance you need, catching potential errors and optimizing your application.

Let Mountain West Disability help you get the benefits you need. Our highly skilled team will make every effort to ensure that your application is accurate and complete – and we won’t charge you any fees unless and until you’re approved for disability benefits.

For a free case evaluation, or to discuss your Social Security disability application with an experienced professional, contact Mountain West Disability in Murray, Utah, today.