Some people have already heard that very few people are approved for disability with the initial application. For others it is a complete surprise when they receive their initial denial letter. Currently, only about 16% of all disability claims are approved with the initial application. Because of this most people must go to a hearing before a judge before they can start receiving benefits. This means for most applicants it becomes necessary to file an appeal. Filing an appeal can seem overwhelming so we have put together a list of tips for filing your appeal.


  1. File Fast

Social Security only gives you 60 days to appeal an unfavorable decision. What you may not know is these 60 days does not start the day you receive the denial letter, rather this countdown starts the day the letter was written. Usually by the time you receive your letter at least a week of the 60 days is gone. This is why it is important to file your appeal just as quickly as possible.


  1. File Online

We recently had an applicant call into our office. They had received a denial and had mailed in their appeal four times. They had called Social Security who had told them they had never seen their appeal. At this point they had only days to make sure their appeal got filed before they missed their deadline. Social Security receives thousands of pieces of mail a day. This often leads to paperwork being loss or filed under the wrong person. Because of this we always recommend filing your appeal online to ensure Social Security gets it in a timely manner.


  1. Strengthen Your Claim

The strength of your claim lies primarily on your medical records. This is why it is important to receive regular medical care and to find a supportive doctor. If you do not have a disability lawyer make sure your doctors submit copies of your medical records to Social Security. You will also want to talk to your doctor about writing Social Security a letter explaining how your disabilities are affecting your ability to work. These types of letters can be extremely helpful to your claim.


  1. Hire a Utah Disability Attorney

Hiring a disability attorney will be extremely helpful to your claim. Having an attorney building up your claim and representing you at your hearing can greatly improve your odds of being approved. They will also take the leg work out of the equation and will make sure every form is filed and all your medical records make it to Social Security.

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