The question our team is asked the most often is probably “What are my chances?”

So many people want to know whether their claim is going to be approved. What’s important to understand is that ultimately whether your claim is approved or not is up to the decision makers at Social Security, whether that is a disability determination examiner or an administrative law judge.

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have any control. The strength of your claim is determined by the strength or your medical records. Ensuring that you are receiving treatment for your conditions is critical to the success of your claim. Often people confused ‘treatment’ with doctor visits.  While getting a checkup from the doctor can be helpful, receiving regular exams and treatment for your conditions from a doctor familiar with your case will be the most helpful to your claim.

We completely understand that going in for regular medical treatment can be expensive, and that it can be difficult when you don’t have insurance.  The good news is you can contact United Way and find a local clinic in your area. These clinics provide free or low-cost healthcare for those in need. Sometimes these clinics can be difficult to get into and so we recommend calling as soon as possible if you require their assistance. You can call 211 for more information about their clinic locations, or go to to search for a location near you.

The next thing you can do to strengthen your claim is ask your doctor for a letter, also known as a narrative that describes specifically what you have been diagnosed with, what your symptoms are, what the long term effects of your conditions will be, etc…. If this letter is written by a doctor that has treated you several times it can be very helpful to your claim. A letter like this explains very plainly and simply to Social Security the details of your condition based on an opinion from an expert like an MD or DO.

The last thing you can do is provide thorough, detailed information to Social Security about your conditions, the doctors you are seeing, and the details about how your conditions affects you on a regular basis. Social Security sends several forms to you throughout the process that you can use to provide this information. In the event your case is denied our office sends a  questionnaire for you to complete that will allow us to update Social Security on your currently medical status and any addition doctors you have been to.

Please call our office if you have more questions about what you can do to strengthen your claim. We’d love to answer any questions that you have.




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