How Social Security Disability Attorneys & Advocates Differ

Assistance from a Social Security Disability attorney or advocate can be invaluable if you’re applying for disability benefits in Utah. Either professional could guide you in navigating the SSD claims process, increasing your chance of getting an approval – so who should you hire?

To make a decision, you’ll need to understand the differences between disability attorneys and disability advocates. Read the following, and you’ll have a good idea of where to turn for help with your SSD claim.

Social Security Disability attorney Utah

Comparing Disability Attorneys to Disability Advocates

Disability attorneys and advocates both have extensive knowledge of the Social Security Administration criteria for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB). You have the right to choose either to assist with your claim, and you’ll pay the same rate — regardless of who you hire — as the SSA limits the fees for representatives.

Attorneys and advocates have different qualifications, however, with lawyers completing more rigorous training and education in SSA regulations and other areas of the law that can affect SSD claims. In addition, attorneys typically have more experience and skill handling witnesses – plus, they’re the only professionals who can legally appeal a case in the federal district court.

Benefits of Working with a Disability Advocate Team

Clearly, working with a Social Security Disability attorney can be to your benefit. But some advocates – like the team at Mountain West Disability – are a group of specialists, and the group includes licensed lawyers.

In most law firms, the attorneys work on different types of cases, not just with clients seeking disability benefits. With an SSD advocate team, the opposite is true. Helping people with SSI and DIB is all they do, which gives them an edge over firms that don’t specialize in SSD claims.

Choosing to work with an advocate team, particularly one that has attorneys on staff, means having access to a group of professionals who specialize in different aspects of the SSD claims process. The team works together to provide support at every stage, and the result is an exceptional level of service.

Get the Assistance You Need with Your Disability Claim

Ultimately, the decision on whether to work with a Social Security Disability attorney or an advocate is yours to make. But we believe that a professional group that includes attorneys and other SSD specialists – like Mountain West Disability – is the best option.

When you work with a highly skilled and experienced team like ours, you stand a stronger chance of obtaining the benefits you need. We’ve helped hundreds of people achieve that same goal, and we’ll make it our mission to provide you with the best possible representation.

To learn more about the services our advocate team offers, or to schedule a free consultation for advice from a dedicated Social Security Disability attorney in Utah, contact us today.