Often in the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits, the applicant decides to get married. While this should be a joyful occasion it can often cause stress. You may be concerned about how your upcoming nuptials will affect your disability claim. I  would love to say that getting married will not affect your claim no matter what. This unfortunately, is not the case. Getting married may affect your benefits depending on what type of benefit you are receiving or applying for.

How Will Marriage Affect My SSDI or DIB Benefits?

SSDI or DIB benefits is a benefit you are only eligible if you have “paid into the system.” Typically, in order to qualify for these benefits you must have sufficient work credits. However, there are circumstances where you can qualify for these benefits on either your parent’s, ex-spouse’s, or decease spouse’s work record. Getting married can affect your eligibility for SSDI depending on who’s work credit you are using to qualify.

Your Own Work Credits

If you have worked enough in the past you will qualify for SSDI benefits on your own work record. In these cases getting married will not affect your eligibility for SSDI benefits.

Your Parent’s Work Credits

If you are disabled and under the care of a parent, you may qualify for SSDI benefits based off of their work record alone. In cases like these getting married will make you no longer eligible to use your parent’s work records. The only exception to this is if you marry someone who is also disabled. In this case you may still use your parents work credits to be eligible for SSDI.

Your Ex-Spouse’s Work Credits

If you qualify for SSDI based off of your Ex-Spouse’s work credits your eligibility will cease when you get re-married.

Your Deceased Spouse’s Work Credits

If you qualify for SSDI based off of your deceased spouse’s work credits, you will lose eligibility for SSDI benefits if you remarry before the age of 50.

How Will Marriage Affect My SSI Benefits?

If you are applying for SSI or already receiving SSI benefits getting married will likely affect your benefits. Because SSI is a needs based benefit any household income will be counted against your benefit. If your new spouse is working or receiving any type of benefits this may blow your eligibility for SSI.

Call a Utah Disability Attorney

If you have any questions about how getting married will affect your eligibility for disability benefits call a Utah Social Security lawyer. We offer free consultations and can let you know how getting married will affect your claim in particular. If you need help applying for disability call today. We charge $0 up front and will only accept a fee if we are able to get you the benefits you deserve. In other words, we don’t get paid until you do.



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