Filing for Social Security Disability? Tips for Getting an Approval

In an ideal world, Social Security disability benefits would be easily available for everyone in need. In reality, most claims are initially denied – and while many applicants are able to successfully appeal the decision, the process can take years.

No one can guarantee that your application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) will be approved at the start. However, taking the following steps may improve your chances of getting a favorable decision.

How to get a Social Security Disability claim approved

Talk to Your Doctor

Enlisting your doctor’s support can be worthwhile. See if they’re willing to provide a residual functional capacity (RFC) evaluation, a written statement that details exactly how your condition limits your ability to work. Include this with your Social Security disability application, and it may assist you in winning an approval.

Follow All Treatment Advice

When the SSA reviews your application for disability benefits, they’ll go over your treatment history quite thoroughly. This isn’t a problem if you’ve been doing everything your doctor has suggested, but if you aren’t following their treatment recommendations, you’re hurting your chances of having your claim approved.

Gather Your Medical Records

The SSA will contact your doctor to request your medical records, but seeing how many physicians are extremely busy, the paperwork may not make it into the right hands all that quickly. Gather your records yourself, and you can make sure the SSA has all of the documentation that’s relevant to your disability claim.

Be Thorough on the Application

Social Security disability experts know that claims are often denied due to insufficient evidence. Filling out the application with extreme care is important, and be sure to list details like clinic addresses and dates of treatment. Don’t leave anything out, as the SSA won’t issue a favorable decision if crucial information is missing.

Keep Tabs on Your SSD Claim

Millions of people apply for disability benefits every year. To make sure your claim is moving along as it should be, you’ll need to contact the SSA on a regular basis. Call for status updates, and you’ll know whether more information is needed to process your application or if you have any important deadlines to meet, issues that could decrease your odds for approval.

Get Expert Help with the Process

You can apply for Social Security disability benefits on your own, but you’ll have a much easier time – and a better chance of approval – if you work with an experienced advocate.

The Mountain West Disability team of professional advocates delivers the advantages of working with an attorney – and much more. From thoroughly documenting your disability claim to finding the right doctors, representing you at SSA hearings and fighting to get you the benefits you need, we’ll be there for you in every way.

For answers to your questions and expert assistance with the Social Security disability claim process, contact Mountain West Disability in Murray, Utah, today.