If you are applying for Social Security Disability Benefits you will likely need to go to a hearing. Currently only about 10% of applicants are being approved in the initial stages. While getting a disability hearing scheduled may seem overwhelming it does give you the best chance of being approved for benefits.

What Setting Will My Social Security Disability Hearing Be Held In?

When thinking about appearing before a judge you may think about your typical court room. The judge is up in his bench, gavel in hand while your attorney sits next to you. Luckily, this is not how a Social Security Disability Hearing is held. Typically hearings are held in a conference room. Seated around the conference table will be you, your attorney, the judge, and the judge’s assistant. Occasionally a medical and vocational expert will be present as well but more often than not the experts will simply be reached by phone.

You should wear your average everyday clothing to your hearing. Dressing up or wearing anything too flashy may distract the judge. It is important to be comfortable at your hearing. Typically hearings will last anywhere between a half hour to an hour. If you cannot sit that long accommodations can be for you.

What Kind of Questions Will the Judge Ask Me at My Disability Hearing?

Typically the judge will ask questions in three major areas. The first is past work history. SSA considers the past 15 years of your work history. The judge will want to know where you worked, how many hours and days per week you worked, how much you made, and what your responsibilities were.

Second, the judge will ask you questions about your activities of daily living. The judge will want to know how you spend your time on an average day.

  • Do you need help with personal needs?
  • What kind of chores can you handle around the house?
  • Do you do yard work?
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • Do you read, watch TV, play on the computer?
  • Do you participate in sporting events or other hobbies?
  • Can you grocery shop?
  • Do you drive?
  • How long can you sit and stand?
  • Also, how far can you walk?
  • Are you able to life things?
  • How much and how often?
  • Do you have difficulty interacting with other people?
  • With coworkers or supervisors?

The third area is your medical conditions.

  • What are they and what are the symptoms you experience on a regular basis?
  • Which medications do you take and do they cause you any side effects?
  • What treatment are you receiving?
  • Which treatment has your doctor recommended?


Hire a Utah Disability Lawyer

If you  have an upcoming hearing and need a disability attorney to represent you call today. We can pick up your claim and will ensure that all the relevant evidence is submitted before your hearing date. Often, judge’s will insist on having an attorney present at these hearings because they know that an attorney can make a huge difference to your claim. If you need help starting a new application we can help you with that as well. There is $0 up front and we will only accept a fee if we are able to get you benefits.



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