If you need to apply for disability you want to make sure you have the best disability lawyer out there. With every SSDI attorney claiming to be the very best it is hard to know who to go with. Here are our tips to choosing the very best disability attorney for you.

Shop Around

Check out the websites for multiple disability lawyers. Get to know each firm to decide which seems right for your claim. Don’t just hire the first attorney you find online. Make sure you know the firms policies regarding fees, the gathering of medical records, and so forth.

Read the Reviews

With every attorney claiming to be the best out there the best way to gauge how good they actually are is to read the reviews. Find an attorney with multiple Google reviews. Make sure that the firm’s former clients are pleased with how the firm handled their claim.

Don’t Fall For the Gimmicks

Getting approved for disability benefits is getting more and more difficult. The process is also a lengthy one. Typically it takes about 6 months to get a first decision. Unfortunately less than 10-15% of all claims are approved with the initial application meaning for most people out there it will take between 1 and 2 years to be approved. Avoid any attorney who says they can get you approved for benefits in a matter of months. While attorneys can help expedite claims for the extreme cases, the majority of people applying for disability with an attorney are still looking at a 1-2 year waiting period. Any attorney that tells you otherwise is being dishonest

Find an Attorney Who Has Won Cases Similar to Yours

While no two claims are the same, having an attorney who has won claims similar to yours will be beneficial. They will know what the judge will be looking for in regards to your particular conditions.

Find an Attorney Who Will Request Your Medical Records

The most essential piece of evidence for your claim will be your medical records. Often getting copies of these records and submitting  them to Social Security can not only take a lot of time and energy, but can be quite costly as well. Ask the attorney beforehand if they will request your records for you. Here at Mountain West Disability we will never charge you for the expenses we accrued getting your records. This is not the case for most law firms. Although most firms have the “we don’t get paid until you do” policy, what they don’t tell you is that even if you never receive benefits you may still owe them hundreds of dollars for the medical records they gathered.

Call a Utah Disability Lawyer Today

Whether or not you choose to go with us or our office hiring an experienced disability lawyer can make the difference between winning and losing benefits. Check out our website as well as our competitors. When you find a firm you feel comfortable with give them a call. If you would like to contact our office please click here to request your free consultation or call us at (888) 765-8644.



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