When you’re applying for disability benefits, Social Security is going to make sure you aren’t trying to scam the system. This may include checking out your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Twitter.  Platforms such as these can often show a skewed picture of what is going on with an individual. Often, only  the best, happiest moments are posted online which may give somebody the incorrect impression that somebody’s life is perfect.

Recent Social Security Social Media Battle

Recently Social Security asked Facebook to release a complete account date for 381 people who were on disability benefits. This included everything from everything they posted, to everything they liked, even pages they had viewed. This led 130 people to completely lose their disability benefits and be asked to repay the money they had already received.

This came as shock to many people. Most people think that as long as they keep their profiles on private mode they have nothing to worry about. This is not the case.

Be Careful What You Post Online

It is important not to post anything that can be misread online. Often pictures can make you seem healthier than you are and it is important to put anything online that can be taken the wrong way.  For example, you may post a picture of you standing next to a dirt bike, or an old picture of you water skiing. Social Security would have no way of knowing that you didn’t actually ride that dirt bike or that picture was old. They could see things like this and deem you ineligible even though you are actually medically disabled.

Call a Utah Social Security Lawyer

Navigating through the Social Security disability system is tricky at best. With all the paperwork and and gathering of evidence it can seem overwhelming. This is where having an experienced disability lawyer can give you peace of mind. We will handle the paperwork so you can focus on taking care of yourself. Give our office a call today for your free evaluation.



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