In 2017 the maximum monthly SSDI benefit is $2,687 per month. However, currently the average benefit amount is for $1,171 per month meaning only a small percentage receives the maximum allowed. A question we get asked often is, how can I make sure I’m getting the maximum amount of benefits possible?

First, How Does Social Security Determine How Much Money I Will Receive 

The amount of money you will receive monthly will be determined by your local Social Security Disability office. They look at things like work credits, how much you were making when you did work, and household size. This means that for DIB benefits alone, you would need to travel back in time and change how much you worked and how much you made. Because time travel is not possible at present, there are two other options you can use to guarantee you are getting the most money possible. Those two ways are: maximizing your back pay and applying for all types of benefits you can qualify for.

Maximizing Your Back Payment

You may have heard that once you are finally approved for disability benefits you will be awarded back benefits back until the time you first applied. This may or may not be true. The truth of the matter is that you will receive whatever benefits the judge decides you ought to receive. If the judge feels you are disabled now but were not disabled when you first applied he may decide to nix any back payments you may have received. Fighting to prove you were disabled at the time you applied is crucial.

Applying For SSI

In some cases you may be eligible to apply for both DIB and SSI benefits. If you can qualify and are approved for both, you will be entitles to a larger back benefit as well as a larger payment going forward. Make sure you know what you can qualify for before applying.

Contact a Utah Disability Attorney

Having an disability lawyer in your corner can make a world of difference when it comes to receiving disability benefits. Typically disability attorneys can get you approved quicker than you could do on your own as well as giving you the best possible chance of being approved. If you would like more information on what type of benefits you qualify for give our office a call today. Let our experience work for you.




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