One question we always ask new clients is whether or not they have carpal tunnel syndrome.  Carpal Tunnel is not a condition specifically listed in Social Security’s blue book of conditions. However, it is a condition that can severely limit your ability to work.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a swelling in your wrists that make using your hands difficult and painful. Understandably this can make working impossible.

Here at Mountain West Disability, we help those who cannot work get the disability benefits they deserve. We offer free consultations and can help you get your application started for you.

How Can I Get Disability Benefits for My Carpal Tunnel?

Getting approved for Social Security disability benefits for anything not listed in the blue book can prove challenge. There is no cut a clear definition on what is considered to be disabling. On top of that, unlike other physical ailments where an X-Ray can show a definitive diagnosis, carpal tunnel’s testing is often subjective. This can make even getting a carpal tunnel diagnosis difficult.

Our disability attorneys know what the judge is looking for. They will work with your doctors to get the documentation needed to get your approved for disability benefits.

Proving Disability with a Residual Functional Capacity Assessment

Because there is no listing for carpal tunnel syndrome in the blue book, a helpful tool to proving disability is a Residual Functional Capacity assessment, or RFC. A RFC measures your general ability to work. If you can prove you are limited to light or sedentary work you may be able to prove to the judge that you are unfit for any type of work you have the skills to do.

RFC’s will measure your ability to do any type of physical work. They will measure your ability to lift, stand, walk, sit, and other things that may be necessary in the work environment. Here at Mountain West Disability we will send these types of forms to your doctors. These can greatly increase your chances of being approved for benefits.

What if I Get Denied On My Disability Application?

Unfortunately, an initial denial is not uncommon on disability applications. Particularly for conditions that do not meet a listing in Social Security’s blue book. If you do receive an initial denial don’t get discouraged. Most people who are approved for benefits are approved at the hearing level. This means all denials need to be appealed until you can get the chance to talk to a judge. If you get to this point we will have one of our attorneys attend the hearing with you to advocate on your behalf.

Call a Utah Disability Attorney

If you cannot work due to your carpal tunnel syndrome call us today. We can help you start a new application or can pick up your claim if you have already filed for benefits. As always there is $0 up front and we will only take a fee if we are able to get you benefits. Our attorneys have experience winning carpal tunnel claims and know what it takes to get you approved. Call today for your free consultation.



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