Deciding you cannot work anymore is a difficult decision. Many people have a hard time deciding to apply for SSDI simply because in doing so they are deciding that their conditions are severe.  The very first thing you need to determine is WHEN you should apply for benefits. If you are considering applying for disability it is important to determine the right time to submit that initial application. To determine if you are ready to apply, please consider the following questions: Am I able to work more than 20 hours with proper accommodations? Will my condition last for a period of 12 months or longer? Have I seen a doctor in the past 12 months?

Am I Able to Work More than 20 Hours a Week?

When you apply for disability benefits you are essentially telling the government that under no circumstances can you work more than 20 hours a week. Your condition needs to be severe enough to rule out not only past work experience but any possible work. Social Security will take age and education into consideration when determining if there are jobs you could perform. However, if they determine there is a type of work you could reasonably be expected to handle, you will not be approved for Disability Benefits.

Will My Condition Last a Period of 12 Months or Longer?

Any condition that lasts less than 12 months will not be considered for Social Security Disability benefits. A common example of this is an injury which will heal in time. Say you tore your ACL snowboarding and you can’t work. Your doctor recommends you get ACL surgery and predicts that you will be up and moving within three months. This would not be considered sufficiently disabling.

Have I Seen a Doctor in the Past 12 Months?

Without regular medical treatment and medical documentation of your disabilities, it is nearly impossible to be approved for disability benefits. Furthermore, your doctor should order any testing necessary to provide you with a definitive diagnosis. Without this, Social Security will have no way of determining the type and severity of your condition. If you have not seen a doctor within the past year, you really need to see one before applying. If you don’t have medical insurance, there are free and low-cost clinics available. For a list of the free and low cost clinics in your area, please contact us.

Call a Utah Social Security Lawyer

The only person who truly knows when to begin your disability application is you. If you simply cannot work anymore it is time to give your local disability attorney a call. With a free consultation we can determine if you have a claim strong enough for us to file. Hiring a disability attorney has no out of pocket costs and, for our office, we will only get paid if you do. Call today for your free evaluation.



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