Application Tips from Social Security Disability Advocates in Utah

When filing an application for benefits, many disabled individuals in Utah choose to work with a Social Security disability advocate. But some decide to apply on their own, as the SSA doesn’t require applicants to enlist the help of an advocate or attorney.

If you’re planning on applying for disability benefits, you’ll want to give yourself the strongest possible chance of securing an approval. Follow the tips below, and you’ll be better prepared for the disability application process.

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Tip #1: Apply As Soon As Possible

To qualify for benefits, you must have a disability that prevents you from working for at least 12 months. But according to Social Security disability advocates in Utah, you don’t want to wait that long to apply – the SSA is slow to process claims, so you’re better off applying as soon as you become disabled.

Tip #2: Don’t Leave Out Any Details

The SSA denies many disability applications due to insufficient evidence. You need to make certain that you’re offering thorough answers to every question, and it wouldn’t hurt to double-check the information you provide. Go in-depth with the details, and the door to an approval will be open.

Tip #3: Get Regular Status Updates

Thousands of Utah residents apply for disability benefits every year, so you can’t expect get a decision from the SSA all that soon. However, if more information is required to process your application, you’ll want to know right away – so make a point of calling for status updates on a regular basis.

Tip #4: Don’t Get Down if You Get Denied

Social Security disability advocates know that the SSA denies a majority of the applications they receive. Many people don’t realize this and give up the fight for benefits, which can be a definite mistake. Going through the appeals process can be stressful, but pushing forward can be well worth the effort.

Tip #5: Work With a Disability Advocate

Getting assistance from a disability advocate may give you the advantage you need to get an approval from the SSA. With a professional completing the paperwork, you can count on it being done correctly – and an advocate will know what evidence and information to provide to boost the likelihood of success.

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Applying for disability benefits on your own is an option, but you’ll have an easier time – and greater odds of getting approved – if you have an experienced disability advocate or attorney on your side. The Mountain West team has what it takes to help you get the benefits you need, and our expert assistance comes with no upfront cost.

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