About Us

Mountain West Disability

Who We Are

We are a disability advocacy firm devoted to getting you approved for disability benefits. Our office is located in Utah, but we are able to assist with cases anywhere throughout the United States, including Guam and Puerto Rico.

Initially, we conduct an evaluation to ensure your case meets the established criteria from the Social Security Administration for Disability Benefits. When your claim meets this criteria, we proceed with filing your application or appeal. We are able to take cases anywhere from the initial to hearing stages.

If your claim is denied through the initial stages, we will represent you at your hearing. Unfortunately, most claims are denied in the initial stages. However, our attorney is experienced and passionate about representing clients at the hearing level. This is also your best chance of being approved.

Hiring our advocates requires no out-of-pocket cost. Our fee is set by the Social Security Administration at 25% of any back pay you are awarded, up to $6,000.00. We only get paid if you do!

If you are within our 45 mile radius, we offer a free service of bringing the initial paperwork to you. This allows us to meet you, and answer any questions you may have. It also enables us to start the application or appeal process sooner, for your benefit.