Nothing can feel more discouraging then receiving a denial on your Social Security Disability application. Unfortunately, this is what happens for about 90% of all initial applications. Here are the top 5 reasons why you are getting denied on your disability claim.

1. Insufficient Work Credits

To be eligible for SSDI benefits you have to have the required amount of work credits. You earn work credits by paying income tax, or by “paying into the system.” Social Security looks at a number of different areas including age, number of years worked, and the date you became disabled to determine how many work credits you need to qualify. For most claims you must have 40 work credits, 20 of which were earned in the past 10 years. If you do not have sufficient work credits you will automatically be ineligible for this type of benefits.

2. Too Much Income

If you are ineligible for SSDI benefits due to insufficient work credits the other type of disability benefit is SSI. Unlike SSDI, SSI benefits do not require for you to have paid into the system. SSI is a needs based benefit. To determine eligibility for SSI Social Security looks at your entire household income. If your income is

too high you will automatically be disqualified for this type of benefit.

3. Your Medical Condition is not Considered Disabling

In order to qualify for disability benefits you must have a condition(s) that make it impossible to work full time. Furthermore, your condition(s) must be expected to last a year or longer. If you have a condition that will not limit your ability to work full time, your application will be denied.

4. You Are Fit to Perform Other Work

If your condition is making it impossible to keep doing your current job but does not limit you from doing other types of jobs, you will not qualify for disability benefits. Social Security will take in to account your level of education and other factors to determine if there is a job you will be able to perform with you disabilities.

5. Application Errors and Omissions

Applying for disability requires a lot of paperwork. There is the application itself, forms and worksheets Social Security requires you to fill out, as well as documented medical records and physician statements backing up your disability. Missed paperwork and records not gathered can cause your application to be denied.

Hire a Utah Disability Attorney

The fight to get on disability benefits is a tough one. You must be diligent in building your case and appealing unfavorable decisions. Luckily you do not have to take on this fight alone. Hiring an experienced Salt Lake City disability attorney can make the difference between winning and losing benefits. Call today for your free evaluation and let one of our attorneys fight for you.



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