You have filed your Social Security disability application. You wait, wait, and wait some more and you finally hear back from Social Security and it’s a denial. At this point, many people get extremely discouraged. Our advice: Keep going! Just look at those early denials as putting you that much closer to getting approved. A denial is just a necessary step you need to go through to get to your victory. Here are a few suggestions on what you can do to increase your chances of approval.

1.      Find a doctor who is supportive of your claim

As we have discussed, getting regular medical treatment is the number one thing you can do to get you approved. Look for a doctor who is actually supportive of you getting benefits and will stand behind you. A doctor who sees helping you as a chore is not a doctor that you want to stay with long-term. When you do find a supportive doctor, ask him or her to write a letter on your behalf explaining why they think you need disability benefits. Your odds of winning with an advocate like this in your corner will increase considerably.

2.      Get Proper Testing

It is important to have the proper medical procedures and tests done to back up your disability diagnosis. For example, if you have back pain that keeps you from working, the judge will want to see an objective study or test that shows this in the medical file. If you are seeing a doctor for your back pain and all they do is prescribe pain medication and write that you have back pain in your records, this isn’t going to get you far. The tip here is to make sure your doctor is ordering the proper MRI’s, CT scans, or other testing they need to document and support their diagnosis.

3.      Submit Your Medical Records to Social Security

Social Security does their best to gather your medical records, but we have seen that getting your complete medical file can sometimes be very challenging. Often you can submit a request for medical records and wait months to get the records back, if they send anything back at all! If you are able to get your records while at your doctor appointment, submitting them to Social Security will ensure they get them timely and can actually help expedite your claim.

4.      Hire a Disability Attorney

Hiring an experienced disability professional can and will make all the difference on your case. Most disability offices don’t charge anything up front and will only collect fees if they are able to get you benefits. Call today for your free evaluation.

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