Social Security Disability was created to help those who are unable to work. One set of individuals the creators of SSI and SSDI surely had in mind was helping those with intellectual disabilities. But what are Social Security’s guidelines for approving these claims. A social security disability attorney at Mountain West Disability has your answer. Matt put together the following guideline for those wanting to apply with an intellectual disability.

  1. The first most obvious group that qualifies for disability benefits are those who aren’t able to take a standardized IQ test. These individuals typically are dependent on others for their basic needs such as eating, dressing, and bathing. For these types of cases there must be evidence that shows this condition started before the age of 22.
  2. The second group is higher functioning than the first group. These individuals are able to take IQ tests as well as care for their person. This group must reach the following criteria:
  • Must have a Full Scale IQ score of 70 or below.
  • If their full scale score is between 71-75, they must have a verbal or performance IQ score of 70 or below.
  • They must have severe difficulty in one of the following or significant difficulties in two of the following: Understanding or remembering information, interacting with others, concentrating, adapting or managing oneself.
  • Again these conditions must have evidence that they began before the age of 22.


Applying For Disability Benefits

As with other types of claims, the best thing you can do is hire a disability lawyer. Whether it is our office or another a qualified disability lawyer can make the difference between winning and losing your claim. They will also give you peace of mind that throughout the often long and stressful process, you have somebody on your side who knows what needs to be done and will make sure you put the best foot forward.

If you do not meet these qualifications don’t give up. Anyone can get disability benefits as long as they are able to prove that their condition makes it impossible for them to work more than 20 hours a week. Our disability attorneys will build your case before the judge so you have the best chance of being approved.

Call today for your free evaluation to see what you may qualify for.




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