With the number of people suffering from neuropathy on the rise, it is no surprise that not everyone with this diagnosis is approved for disability benefits. However, when severe enough,  neuropathy is certainly a condition that can qualify you to receive disability benefits. To determine who is and is not eligible for disability benefits, Social Security has put together the following guideline:

11.14 Peripheral neuropathy, characterized by A or B:

  1. Disorganization of motor function in two extremities (see 11.00D1), resulting in an extreme limitation (see 11.00D2) in the ability to stand up from a seated position, balance while standing or walking, or use the upper extremities.


  1. Marked limitation (see 11.00G2) in physical functioning (see 11.00G3a), and in one of the following:
  2. Understanding, remembering, or applying information (see 11.00G3b(i)); or
  3. Interacting with others (see 11.00G3b(ii)); or
  4. Concentrating, persisting, or maintaining pace (see 11.00G3b(iii)); or
  5. Adapting or managing oneself (see 11.00G3b(iv)).

Call a Utah Disability Lawyer

If you have neuropathy and are unable to work call an experienced disability lawyer. Having an attorney will greatly increase your chances of getting you disability benefits. It will also ensure that you get approved for disability just as quickly as possible. We charge $0 up front and will only accept a fee if we



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