Unfortunately in our society there is still a bias surrounding mental health disorders. Often those suffering from depression are told they simply need to be more positive. While you would never tell someone with diabetes just to be more positive about their condition people can be insensitive and ignorant towards those suffering from mental health conditions. With this as the common mindset it is no wonder that we get calls all the time from people with these conditions wondering if they could even get benefits. They know they can’t work but they do not know if they can get SSDI. For anyone suffering from a mental condition rest assured, it is possible to get SSDI based off of mental disorders.

How Do I Qualify For SSDI for Mental Illness?

You may have heard that it is a bit trickier to be approved for disability for mental conditions, this is unfortunately correct. This is not because mental conditions are in any way less severe than physical conditions. Rather, it is trickier to be approved for SSDI  because mental illness is much harder to measure. Somebody suffering from a back condition can be easily backed up with a MRI or their spine. There is no such definitive proof for mental disorders. So the question remains, how can I prove disability due to a mental condition?

  • Get Regular Treatment

It makes sense that if you are suffering from debilitating mental conditions that you would be doing everything you can to get help.  This is why Social Security judges will be looking for regular treatment in your medical records. Find a mental health professional you feel comfortable with and go as often as they recommend.


  • Listen to Your Doctor

If your doctor recommends medication or anything else make sure you are always doing what they recommend. Take any pills they prescribe, if it doesn’t work well for you let your doctor know so they can adjust your prescriptions. If you do not do what your doctor says it may lead your judge to believe that you would be able to work if you did. In cases like these you would be denied for disability benefits.

  • Find a Supportive Doctor

    Find a doctor who is supportive of you getting disability benefits. If your doctor would be willing to fill out a form or write a statement regarding your disability it may make all the difference.


  • Get Testimonial Letters from Friends and Family

    Your friends and family know better than anyone how your conditions have affected you. They know how you were before you developed the conditions and they can testify to it. Have your friends and family write short letters explaining how they have seen you change. They can also mention any difficulties they see you having with your day to day life.


  • Hire a Utah Disability Attorney

    Mental health cases are harder to get approved. While having experienced disability lawyers on your side is always a good idea, it is even more so for cases like these. Our attorneys have experience winning mental health cases. They know the judges, they know what each judge is going to want to see to approve these claims. Having an attorney may greatly improve your chances of being approved for disability benefits.


Call a Utah Disability Lawyer


If you need help applying for disability or have already applied and been denied, give us a call. Our firm’s size ensures that every case gets the attention it needs and deserves. We charge $0 up front and will only accept a fee if we are able to get you benefits. Call today for your free consultation.



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