If you had the foresight to sign up for long term disability insurance, either through your work or on your own, you are a part of the lucky few. Long term disability insurance can prove to be a huge benefit if you become unable to work due to a disability. A question we commonly get asked is how long term disability (LTD) affects eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits.



Will LTD make me ineligible for SSDI Benefits?

The short answer is no. SSDI or DIB benefits rely only on your past work history. If you have enough work credits to qualify for DIB benefits the amount you are eligible for will not be affected by any LTD benefits you may be receiving.

Is it Possible to Receive Both SSDI and LTD Benefits at the Same Time?

It is possible to receive both DIB and LTD benefits at the same time. In fact, most LTD require that you apply for DIB benefits as part of your eligibility for their program.

Will My SSDI Benefits Affect my LTD Benefits

SSDI benefits can affect your LTD benefits depending on what type of plan you have. Some plans require you to apply for disability and if approved will deduct the amount of your DIB benefits from your LTD benefit. It is also important to note that some plans require you to pay a portion of your disability back pay to them to make up for the months where they were paying too much.

Not all plans are affected by DIB benefits so make sure you read yours carefully.

Does LTD affect SSI Disability

LTD does affect your eligibility for SSI. SSI is a needs based program and is dependent on your household income. Every dollar you receive from you LTD will be counted against your SSI benefits.

Call a Disability Lawyer

If you have a long term disability insurance policy in place it may be possible to receive additional help through Social Security Disability benefits. Having an experienced Utah Disability Attorney can make the difference between winning or losing disability benefits.  Call our office today for your free consultation to see what you may be eligible for.



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