We hear it time and time again somebody has called in because their doctor tells them they are disabled. Their doctors believe they will qualify for disability benefits if they would apply. It makes sense that if your doctor tells you to apply because in their opinion you are disabled, you should be approved for benefits. Having a doctor who is supportive of your claim can greatly help, however, it is not a guaranteed win.

How Can My Doctor Strengthen My Disability Claim?

Support from your doctor is not an automatic approval, but it can greatly increase your chances of being approved for benefits. When Social Security is determining if you are medically disabled, they are going to look at three key pieces of evidence. The will look at: your medical records, any forms from your doctor, and assessments for their appointed doctors.

Getting Medical Records

The most important thing you need to prove disability is your medical records. Social Security is going to want to see definitive diagnoses for your conditions. They will also want to see that you are getting regular treatment and are complying with what the doctors tell you to do.

Getting a Supportive Form

If you have a doctor who is supportive of you getting disability, the best thing they can do it fill out a form on your behalf. There are two main types of forms the first is a Residual Functional Capacity assessment meant to measure your physical limitations. The second is a Mental Capacity Assessment meant to measure your mental limitation. If your doctor does not feel comfortable filling out a form and brief letter explaining how your condition limits your ability to work can be extremely helpful.

Consultative Exams

For the majority of claims you will be sent to one of Social Security’s appointed doctors for an assessment. These are difficult because these doctors are making judgments based off of a single appointment. Having a supportive form from your doctor can help counter any negative assessments your may get from one of these exams.

What Do I Need to Do?

If you are applying for Social Security it is important you ensure they get all the necessary records and forms for any treating doctor you have seen since becoming disabled. Social Security will initially request your records, however due to their short staff these are often not followed up with as they should. If you do not have a disability attorney it is advised you obtain copies of all your medical records and submit them to Social Security. If you have hired a disability lawyer you will want to ensure they know about all your treating doctors so that they can gather those records for you.

Call a Disability Lawyer

If you need to apply for disability benefits or if you have applied and been denied call us today. Having an experienced lawyer represent your claim can greatly increase your odds of being approved. You can also rest assured that you will be approved just as quickly as possible. Call today for your free evaluation!



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