If you are applying for disability or thinking about applying for disability you may have heard about disability back pay. In Utah, disability applications typically take anywhere from 4-24 months to be approved. Thankfully, if you are approved anywhere in the process Social Security will give you back pay, or the money you would have received if you had been approved on your application date.

A question we are commonly asked is how Social Security determines the amount of your back pay?

How Do I Calculate My SSI Back Pay?

To calculate the amount of your back pay you need two pieces of information. The first is your monthly benefit amount. The second is your date of file, or the day Social Security received your application and the date you were awarded benefits. One you know your date of file you can see exactly how many months it took for you to be approved for benefits. You will then multiple that number by your total monthly benefit to determine the amount of your back pay.

How Do I Get My SSI Back Pay?

Social Security has two ways or paying out back benefits. This check is typically mailed out shortly after being approved for benefits. The first is in one single lump sum check. In the second method Social Security will divide your back pay into three portions. The first check is typically paid shortly after you are awarded benefits. After that, the remaining portions of your back pay will be paid out in 6 month increments. Any one payment cannot exceed 3x’s the amount of the maximum SSI benefit rate which is $735 for a single or $1,103 for a couple. The exception to this is the third payment, which will just pay you the remainder of your back pay regardless of the amount.

Am I Guaranteed Back Pay?

There are zero guarantees when it comes to Social Security benefits. However, the large majority of SSI beneficiaries do receive back benefits. This will be up to Social Security’s discretion.

Call a Utah Social Security Lawyer

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