One of the most common questions we are asked is how much money you will receive once approved for Social Security disability benefits. Our answer is that the amount is set by Social Security and will not be determined until after you are approved. However, depending on the type of benefit you qualify for, we can figure out a rough estimate.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

We will start with the easy one. If you don’t have enough work credits to qualify for DIB benefits, you may qualify for SSI. The amount of SSI benefits you receive each month is completely dependent on how much income is coming in each month.

Social Security will start with what they call the Federal Benefit Rate or FBR, which is the maximum amount of benefits you can receive on SSI. This amount is changed periodically for inflation, but as of *2017, it is set at $735 a month. Next, Social security will look at the income and benefits you are receiving, and for some benefits, that amount will be subtracted from the FBR. Income that can be counted against your benefits may include:

  • Wages or any other money you earn from working
  • Certain types of payments you receive such as alimony, child support, or VA benefits
  • Money that friends or family give you towards your living expenses
  • A portion of income earned or received by other people in your home — typically this is only applied for spouses but live-in significant others can affect it as well

Income NOT counted towards SSI benefits can include:

  • The first $20 a month of all un-earned income, this includes any of the sources above;
  • The first $65 of all earned income;
  • Food Stamps;
  • Home Energy Assistance Benefits

Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)

DIB benefits are much more complicated to figure out, as they are dependent on your past work history. Essentially, it is your past income that determines how much you will receive moving forward. As of 2017, the top dollar amount you can receive in DIB benefits is $2,687 per month, with the average DIB benefit coming to $1,171.

Hire a Utah Disability Lawyer

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