Right now the current wait time to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits is about 4-24 months. Typically when an application is filed your claim is put into a queue for a couple of months before it is even looked at. This means that any mistakes or omissions on your disability application can mean a delay of several months.

Because of this we always recommend making copies of anything you submit to Social Security. This ensures you can catch any mistakes before they do. If you do happen to catch a mistake on your application there are steps you can take to fix the problem.

Always Apply For Disability Online

If you are applying without going through a disability lawyer, the best way to do it is online. Not only will this save you time filling out the actual application, but it will ensure it gets in line to be processed as quickly as possible. Often mail is delayed getting to Social Security and is even further delayed going through their mail room. In addition to this, because of the huge amount of mail Social Security receives daily mail is often misplaced. Because of these reasons filing online is always best. An added bonus to doing it online is that you are guaranteeing your application will be clean and easy to read which may save some potential problems down the road.

Always Double Check Your Work

Before submitting anything make sure you double check the application. What may seem like a small error to you could cause months in delay on your decision.

Always Call In Any Mistakes

If you do realize you made a mistake and have already submitted your application do not wait to get your application returned to you. Instead, call your local Social Security office. You can find the phone number for your local Social Security office here. Let the operator know you had made a mistake on your application and would like to fix it, they will transfer you to the correct person handling your claim. This can save you months in getting your decision.

Fourth, Call a Utah Disability Attorney

Because small errors can mean months added onto your waiting time we always recommend hiring a disability attorney from the beginning. Most cases that are approved are approved at the hearing level when you will appear before a judge. While all judges prefer you have a disability lawyer present some will insist you do. Regardless of when you hire your disability attorney the fee will be the same. Social Security’s fee for attorneys is 25% of back benefits up to $6,000.00. If the disability attorney was only present at the hearing and didn’t do anything with the initial application it will be the same fee as if he had them from the start.

If you need to file for Social Security Disability Benefits or if you have been denied on your application give our office a call today. We can pick it up regardless of what stage you are in the process.

Free Book Offer

The A to Z of Social Security Disability Benefits is a comprehensive guide to applying for disability. This book will not only show you how to apply for disability benefits, but will also help you avoid mistakes that can be fatal to your disability application. If you are interested in receiving a free copy of our book click here to request your copy today.



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