Applying for Disability means you are likely going to have to fill out a few forms. As your disability attorney, we will always fill out and do as much as we can on your claim but there are some things that only you will be able to answer. One of these forms is called the Disability Report Questionnaire or DRQ. The DRQ is sent to claimants after they are denied for benefits and will be submitted as part of the appeal. If you are already our client it is important to fill the DRQ out quickly and get it back to us so we can submit your appeal as quickly as possible.

How to Fill Out Your DRQ

Anybody who has gone through the public school system has experienced their fair share of busy work, or homework given by the teacher that doesn’t do much in terms of teaching, but want to give you something to do so that you aren’t doing no homework. At first glance the DRQ may seem like busy work assigned by Social Security after all, all of these questions were already answered with your initial application. Because of this, many people’s auto response is to fill these out as quickly as possible without giving much thought to the answers they are writing down. This is a mistake and one that should certainly be avoided at all costs if you want to be approved for benefits.

Be Thorough  

It is a mistake to think that Social Security is going to imply anything from your diagnoses. If your knee is making it difficult to get up and down stairs, or to walk for long distances make sure you mention it. The judge isn’t just going to assume that because you say you have knee problems. If your medications are making you drowsy, make sure you mention it. It is important to be as thorough as you possibly can without exaggerating.

Be Quick

After a denial is issued, we only have 60 days to appeal it. This is not 60 days from when you get your denial in the mail but rather 60 days from the date the decision was issued. This date can be located at the top of your letter. If a decision is not appealed in this time frame the claim is lost and you must start over from square one. 60 days may seem like a long time to appeal but if you factor in the time it takes for the decision to get mailed to you, as well as any delays getting it back to SSA that 60 days can go quick.

Hire a Utah Disability Attorney

If you do not already have a disability lawyer representing your claim we strongly recommend you find one. Your disability attorney will insure that all paperwork gets filed in a timely matter and that all deadlines are not missed. Applying for disability is overwhelming, let us help. Call today for your free evaluation.



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