Too often, we get calls from clients in a panic: they brought the special disability forms we gave them to the doctor but she says she doesn’t “do forms.” While we might think the doctor is being heartless, there may be more at play than you realize. Social Security has their own team of doctors that evaluate people’s disabilities. They have been trained by Social Security on what to test and look for to determine if somebody is disabled. Often when approached with these forms, this is what your doctor thinks they are being asked to do, which they are not trained for, thus their response: “we don’t do those in our office.”

Another reason your doctor may be hesitant is that they do not want to get involved with Social Security. Social Security is a government agency and many doctors fear that if they fill these forms out they will be asked to testify at your hearing, which puts their professional credibility on the line, particularly if you are found not disabled.

Lastly, your doctor may not be as familiar with your disabilities and your day-to-day life as they would like before feeling comfortable enough to put pen to paper. This often happens for clients who have only been to see their doctors a couple of times.

What Can I Do To Get These Forms and Statements?

Luckily, there are things you can do to help your doctor feel comfortable enough to fill out a form or to write a statement on your behalf.

  1. When asking them to complete these forms, make sure you adequately explain what it is that is being asked of them. We are NOT asking them to conclude that you are disabled. No, we are simply asking for a medical opinion about your conditions and how they affect your day-to-day living. If there are portions of the form your doctor doesn’t feel comfortable filling out, they are welcome to leave these blank or to simply write a short, one-paragraph statement listing your disabilities and how they are affecting your activities of daily living
  2. If your doctor is nervous about getting involved with Social Security, put their mind at ease by telling them: If you fill out this form or write a narrative, you will probably never be asked to testify or asked questions by Social Security.
  3. If your doctor isn’t familiar enough with your disabilities, work on seeing him or her more often. This is doubly beneficial for you because not only will you get a form or statement from your doctor (which can be huge for your claim), but Social Security will also see that you are getting regular medical treatment.

Hire a Utah Disability Lawyer

If you are applying for disability benefits it is highly recommended you hire an experienced disability attorney. Hiring a lawyer can make the difference between winning and losing benefits. Call today for your free evaluation?

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