You have filed your Social Security Disability application. You wait, wait, and wait some more and you finally hear back from Social Security and it’s a denial. At this point many people get extremely discouraged. Our advice: Don’t Give Up! What you may not know is that less than 10% of applications are approved with the initial application. Most people who are eventually approved for disability have to go through the appeal process in order to start receiving benefits. Here are our suggestions on what you can go to ensure you will be approved.

  1. Find a doctor who is supportive of your claim.

    Getting regular medical treatment is the number 1 thing you can do to help you receive Social Security Disability benefits. If you can find a doctor who is supportive of you getting disability benefits and willing to write a letter on your behalf explaining why they think you need disability benefits, your odds of winning your case will greatly increase.

  2. Get Proper Testing

    . It is important to have the proper medical procedures and tests done to back up your diagnosis. If you have back pain that is keeping you from working the judge will want to see a proper diagnosis. If you are seeing your doctor for your back pain and all they do is prescribe you pain medication and put that you have back pain in your records that isn’t going to get you far. Make sure your doctor is ordering the proper MRI’s, CT Scan’s, or whatever testing they need to confirm a diagnosis for what is going on with you.

  3. Submit Your Medical Records To Social Security.

    Social Security does their best to gather your medical records but take it from us, these aren’t always easy to get. Often you can submit a request for medical records and have to wait months to get the records back if they send anything back at all. If you are able to get your records while at your doctor appointment, submitting them to Social Security will ensure that the A) get the records, and B) get the records quickly so they can get a decision back to you sooner.

  4. Hire a Disability Attorney.

    Whether it’s our office or someone else. Having an experienced attorney can and will make all the difference on your case. Most disability offices don’t charge anything up front and will only collect fees if they are able to get you benefits.

The Mountain West Difference

Shopping around for disability attorneys can be intimidating. Most likely you have never needed an attorney for anything and we understand reaching out to one can seem daunting. Rest assured that you are in good, caring hands here at Mountain West. Unlike other firms, with our firm you will be assigned to one dedicated case manager who will handle your claim from A to Z. Our case managers have experience both on the disability attorney end and the Social Security Administration end so they know all the tricks.

Like other firms, we will pay up front to gather all of your medical records. Often, this can amount to several hundred dollars by the end of the process. Unlike other firms, we will never ask you to repay us for these costs. Other large firms promise that they only will collect if they are able to get you benefits but don’t tell you that if in the end if they aren’t successful they will still slap you with a several hundred dollar bill for the costs they accrued getting these records. You can rest assure that when we say there is no cost, we mean there is no cost.

If you have been denied on your disability claim, give us a call today. As always, there is no cost and no obligation.



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