Often we have seen our clients’ conditions start to improve while they are either applying for disability or already receiving disability benefits. Understandably, they are worried that if they try to go back to work and it just doesn’t work out that their disability claim will be ruined. Fortunately, Social Security does allow for what they call “trial work periods.”

What is a Trial Work Period?

 Social Security really wants you to go back to work, if you can. To help encourage claimants to try this, they came up with what they call a trial work period. With a trial work period, you are allowed to go back to work for up to five months. If you find that you are still unable to work in that five-month period, you can quit your job — no harm no foul. Your eligibility for Social Security Disability will not be affected. If you are able to go back to work, your claim will be closed. If you find that your disabling condition starts up again, then you can make a new application for benefits down the road.


How a Trial Work Period Will Affect Your Claim

The irony of a trial work period is that attempting this can actually work in your favor. Just making the effort legitimizes your claim and shows the judge you want to go to work and have tried your hardest, but unfortunately, your conditions just make it impossible. This effort helps set you apart from those that Social Security feels are just looking for a free handout.


Call a Utah Social Security Lawyer

Navigating all the red tape with Social Security can be difficult. The process can take up to a couple of years and after waiting a few years it is possible to inadvertently disqualify yourself from receiving disability benefits. This is where having an experienced Disability Lawyer will help. Not only with they guarantee you have the best possible chance of being approved, but they can ensure that you are doing everything you need to to ensure continued eligibility. Call today for your free evaluation.



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