Back conditions are the most common conditions that qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.  However, with back pain being so common Social Security must be selective of what will qualify for benefits. Here is our suggestions of what you can do to strengthen your disability claim for back pain.

  1. Get Testing

Social Security is going to be looking for a definitive diagnoses on your back condition. Your doctor saying I think you have degenerative disc disease is not going to be good enough. Make sure your doctor orders any relevant testing such as MRI’s and x rays to get objective proof or what is happening with your back.


  1. Get Regular Treatment

Your judge is going to want to see that you are doing everything you can to get your back better. Whether this is regular steroid injections or regular follow up visits with your doctor, make sure you are getting regular treatment.


  1. Do What Your Doctor Tells You

The judge is not going to want to see non compliance with your doctor’s recommendation. If you are not compliant it will show up on your medical records and it will hurt your claim. Do everything you can not only to help your claim but to also help your physical well being.


  1. Get a Residual Functional Capacity Assessment

Residual Functional Capacity Assessments or RFC’s are forms that show your ability to function on a physical level. If your doctor is willing to fill out one of these forms it can greatly increase your chances of being approved for benefits.

Get a Utah Disability Lawyer

Having an experienced attorney represent your disability claim will greatly increase your odds of being approved for disability benefits.  We have experience winning claims based off of back pain and know what it takes to get you benefits. Call today for your free consultation.




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