Many have heard the horror stories about friends or family who have applied for disability benefits that took years and years to be approved. This unfortunately is not a myth, but a sad reality many face when applying for benefits. Luckily, there are things you can do to help expedite the process.

Hire a Disability Lawyer

Hiring a disability professional is the best thing you can do to expedite your claim. First, a disability law or advocacy firm will know the ins and outs of Social Security. They know all the tricks and technicalities that can keep your claim from moving forward as it should. Second, they will make sure all your paperwork is filled out correctly — this can save you months of delays! Lastly, they can help ensure that your claim isn’t missing any relevant paperwork or evidence and work to get you approved on the initial application rather than having to wait a year or more for your hearing to be scheduled.

Compassionate Allowances

We talked earlier about compassionate allowances. This is another opportunity to expedite your claim if you can show that you have a specific condition, such as a rare disease, cancer, traumatic brain injury, stroke, early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease and multiple organ transplants and autoimmune disease. 

Dire Needs Claims

Unlike compassionate allowances, dire needs claims are approved based on circumstances rather than just your condition. The following conditions may qualify you to have your claim expedited:

  1. The claimant is without food and is unable to obtain it.
  2. The claimant lacks medicine or medical care and is unable to obtain it.
  3. The claimant lacks shelter (homelessness, uninhabitable homes, expiration of shelter stay, imminent eviction or foreclosure.

Need Help On Your Disability Claim?

If you need help with your disability claim call today for your free evaluation. Having an experienced attorney on your side will not only guarantee you get the best chance of being approved, but can make sure you are getting your decision back from Social Security just as quickly as possible.



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