The majority of people applying for disability will eventually have an appointment with one of Social Security’s doctors. These exams can be for both mental and physical examinations. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are scheduled for these examinations and we have put together to following tips for you going into your exam.

  1. Be Honest

Whether your exam is with a psychiatrist or you are getting a physical exam, it is important to be honest about your conditions. These doctors will be on the lookout for signs of exaggeration or symptoms or lying. If they suspect you are exaggerating it will be included in the report and can severely damage your claim.  For this reason it is important to be completely straightforward with any question you are given.


  1. Be Thorough

For some, instead of tendencies to exaggerate you have tendencies to down play your conditions.  This is also a mistake. You want to make sure the doctor examining you knows exactly how your conditions are affecting you. If your shoulder makes it impossible to wash your hair, make sure the doctor knows. If your mood fluctuates making it possible to leave the house sometimes but not others, let the doctor know. It is important to be honest but thorough with any questions the doctor will give you.

  1. Be Mindful

Be mindful that the doctors are going to be watching you. Social Security has let them know what your conditions are and they are going to be watching how it’s affecting you. They often watch you walk from your car to the building. They will observe how easy it will be for you to get up on the exam table, if you were able to drive yourself to the appointment, etc. Again, be honest and you won’t have any troubles with this. Often claimants filing for disability will claim they are unable to sit for longer than thirty minutes due to pain but then have no problem sitting for the entire hour long examination. Giving accurate reports is essential to winning your disability claim.


Hire a Social Security Attorney


If you need to apply or have already applied for disability benefits you may want to look into hiring an experienced disability lawyer. Having an attorney represent you will greatly increase your chances of being approved for benefits. Call today for your free consultation.  We charge $0 up front and will only accept a fee if we are able to get you benefits.



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