One of the best things you can do for your disability claim is finding a supportive doctor. This is because Social Security judges are going to look at your medical records to determine if you are disabled. Having regular treatment is going to be key to proving your disability. This is because the judge will want to see that you are A) doing everything you can to get better, and B) that even though you are doing all you can you are still too disabled to work.

As critical as having regular medical records is, it is becoming more and more critical to get a written statement or a form from your doctor stating you are disabled. However, getting these forms or statements can be extremely difficult.

Why Doctors are Hesitant to Support Disability Claims

You may have heard about Eric Conn, the attorney in Kentucky who was arrested for committing disability fraud. What you may not have heard is that Eric Conn also paid of doctors to say their patients were disabled when they really weren’t. These doctors are now facing criminal charges.

This is of course an extreme example, doctors aren’t worried about willingly falsifying medical records, however, there is the hesitation of making false representation to Social Security. Social Security has doctors that they employ to conduct consultative examinations. During these consultative exams these doctors will do everything to assess whether or not a person is actually disabled. In order to do these exams correctly these doctors receive extra training from Social Security.

Your doctor may feel like they are unqualified to label you as being disabled or not because they have not received this extra training. For many of our clients when asking about receiving one of these forms their doctor’s knee jerk reaction is “we don’t do those here.” Often this is because they believe that you are asking them to do these in depth testing that Social Security doctors are trained to do. They do not want Social Security to think they are making false representations outside of their abilities to assess.

What You Can Do

If you are applying for Social Security, getting your doctor to write a supportive narrative statement or fill out a form could mean the difference between winning and losing benefits. When approaching your doctor it is important that they know the following.

  1. We are not asking for them to classify you as disabled or not disable. We are only looking for their medical opinion about how your conditions are affecting your abilities.
  2. They will never be asked to testify on your behalf. Social Security is never going to call them and we are never going to ask them to appear at a hearing.

If all else fails and your doctor absolutely refuses to do anything on your behalf, you can always find a new doctor. If there is anything good about the current back log it is that it gives you plenty of time to begin seeing a new doctor if your doctor is uncooperative. If you do not have medical insurance and are wondering how to get medical treatment without it click here.

Hire a Utah Disability Lawyer

Having an experienced disability attorney fighting on your behalf can make the difference between winning and losing benefits. Not only do we know Social Security and all the hoops and red tape they make you go through, but we also know doctors. We can do everything in our power to ensure that you have the best possible chances of being approved for benefits. Call today to schedule your free consultation. If you would like you can also schedule your consultation here.

Free Book Offer

The A to Z of Social Security Disability Benefits is a comprehensive guide to applying for disability. This book will not only show you how to apply for disability benefits, but will also help you avoid mistakes that can be fatal to your disability application. If you are interested in receiving a free copy of our book click here to request your copy today.




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