Hiring our advocates requires no out-of-pocket cost. Our fee is set by the Social Security Administration at 25% of any back pay that you are awarded, up to $6,000.00. We only get paid if you do!

Mountain West Disability

Who we are

We are a disability advocacy firm devoted to getting you approved for disability benefits. Our office is located in Utah, but we are able to assist with cases anywhere throughout the United States, including Guam and Puerto Rico.

Initially, we conduct an evaluation to ensure your case meets the established criteria from the Social Security Administration for Disability Benefits. When your claim meets this criteria, we proceed with filing your application or appeal. We are able to take cases anywhere from the initial to hearing stages.

If your claim is denied through the initial stages, we will represent you at your hearing. Unfortunately, most claims are denied in the initial stages. However, our attorney is experienced and passionate about representing clients at the hearing level. This is also your best chance of being approved.

Hiring our advocates requires no out-of-pocket cost. Our fee is set by the Social Security Administration at 25% of any back pay that you are awarded, up to $6,000.00. We only get paid if you do!

If you are within our 45 mile radius, we offer a free service of bringing the initial paperwork to you. This allows us to meet you, and answer any questions you may have in person. It also starts the application or appeal process sooner, for your benefit.

Exclusive Service

Our Practice Areas

Our disability attorney is highly skilled and experienced. Our small size enables our advocates to give you personal attention throughout this process.

Disability Applications and Claims

If you have ever applied for Social Security disability then you understand how long and frustrating the process can be. At Mountain West Disability, we work with you to ensure Social Security receives all the information they need as quickly as possible. We want to help guide you through the process, answer any questions you might have, and make sure your claim is being expedited as much as possible.


It is a sad reality that over 90% of disability applications are denied on the first go around. Luckily this is not the end of the road. The first step is to file an appeal, after you receive a denial.

Dire Need Claims

Often during the application process for Social Security disability our clients ask us…Is my case a dire needs case? What is a dire needs request? How can I speed up the process.

Supplemental Security Income Claims

For those who do not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) due to a lack of sufficient work credits, we can help with Supplemental Security Income Claims (SSI). SSI claims are needs based and do not require you to have worked 5 out of the last 10 years to qualify for. If you have any questions about what type of benefits you qualify for feel free to contact our office directly.

A common question we get is why should you hire a Utah disability attorney for your disability claim? After all why pay somebody what you can do for yourself?

First, we can help you get to disability benefits faster. As you may know, getting Social Security Disability benefits can take months if not years. With each part of the application process it can take several months for Social Security to review. Many people are denied due to technicalities on their applications. We know the rules inside and out and can help you avoid these errors saving you months of waiting time for your benefits.

Second, we maintain constant contact with Social Security to ensure your applications is progressing as it should. Social Security receives thousands of applications daily so it is not surprising that often applications will slip through the cracks. Our office will always ensure that your applications is being worked on and not overlooked. We will also keep you informed with every step of the way.

Third, we can help you maximize your benefits. We know the rules and the technicalities, we can make sure that when you do get approved, you are getting the very maximum amount of benefits possible.

Fourth, we will gather all the relevant paperwork and evidence to ensure you have the strongest case possible. We will ensure that Social Security has all the paperwork they need on time as well as gather additional evidence that will assist with your claim.

Lastly, less than 10% of applications are approved with the initial application. This means you will need an attorney who knows how to appeal these decisions and who will be able to represent you if your claim does go to a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge.

Applying for Social Security Disability can be extremely stressful. Let our disability lawyers help you, we will take your hand and walk you through the process from A to Z. Call Today for your free evaluation to see what you can qualify for.

Deciding which lawyer to hire for your disability claim can be stressful. We have put together a list of 10 questions you should ask your disability attorney before you hire them to take on your claim.


1. What level of experience does this attorney have with Social Security Disability?You want to know how long the attorney has been helping people with disabilities. If he or she is Board Certified in Social Security Law, that’s a huge plus.


2. Will this attorney help fill out your Social Security forms?The attorney or legal assistant should help you with this. They can’t make up the answers for you, but you should not be responsible for filling out the appeals, reports and other forms Social Security sends you. If the attorney tells you to apply on your own for benefits and call back if or when you get your denial letter, then smile and say, “OK,” but keep looking for an attorney.


3. Will this attorney order your medical records?Having all the medical records available for the judge is crucial to your case. If you are responsible for gathering your own medical records, keep looking. Getting medical records can be quite pricy and often firms will require you to reimburse them for any expenses they expended getting your records which could be several hundred dollars. Other firms will collect your records free of cost to you.


4. Is this attorney familiar with the judges and staff at your hearing office?It helps to know the quirks and preferences of the other people who will be there for your hearing, especially the judge. There is turnover among the Social Security staff (including judges), but an attorney should be familiar with most of the people there.


5. How does this attorney handle your questions or updates about your case?Who do you talk to? This is mainly to see if your communication style matches with the attorney. Some people like to talk over the phone, some like to email. Some want an attorney who answers his own phone, and some want an attorney who has legal assistants who help.


6. How much does this attorney charge? What if you don’t win?Social Security regulates how attorneys get paid, and as a result, they usually charge the same: 25 percent of past due benefits. However, some attorneys require reimbursement for case expenses even if you don’t win. This might not be a deal killer, but it is something you should be aware of before signing a contract.


7. How will this attorney help prepare you for the hearing? Will you be able to meet in person (and not just the day of the hearing)?You should be able to speak with your attorney several days before your hearing.


8. Where is this attorney located? All else being equal, you should go with a local attorney. This might be difficult if you live in a rural area, but find someone who is near your hearing office.


9. Will this attorney prepare a written memorandum or brief for the judge to review prior to the hearing?This written statement from the attorney is very helpful. First, it shows that your attorney has spent time reviewing your case and preparing a legal theory for the judge. Second, it gives the judge a chance to consider the case prior to the hearing. Finally, it can also be a request for an On The Record (OTR) decision. OTR decisions are rare, but sometimes the judge will grant a claim without hearing testimony from any witnesses.


10. Is this attorney familiar with your particular health problems? No attorney can know everything about every medical condition, but you should get a feel for how knowledgeable an attorney is on your conditions. If your health problems are uncommon, your attorney should be willing to get familiar with the symptoms and treatment of your particular conditions.


If you would like a free evaluation please feel free to call us, there is no obligation and zero cost up front.

Yes! We do take cases anywhere in the US including Puerto Rico.

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