What follows are the top four questions you will be asked when you attend a consultative exam and see one of Social Security’s doctors.

  1. Is your condition severe enough to stop you from being able to work?

By this time in the process, Social Security has already reviewed your medical records. The purpose of the CE exam is to determine if those conditions are severe enough to rule out your ability to work all together.

  1. Are you currently working?

The CE examiner will want to know if you are working more than 20 hours a week. If you are, this suggests that you could potentially work full time as well and will hurt your chances at getting approved.

  1. Are you capable of working in your previous field?

Social security takes a close look at your past work experience. If you were a CNA, for example, do your medical conditions make it impossible to work as a CNA? For these types of questions, it is good to have clear-cut reasons of why you are unable to do your past job. Example: “I cannot work as a CNA any longer because my back makes it impossible for me to move patients.”

  1. Are you capable of other kinds of work?

For this question, a doctor will ask about your past educational and training experience.  Using the CNA example above, the doctor will ask if you could work as a receptionist in a medical office where you would be seated and not have to do any heavy lifting.

As always, we recommend you approach these examinations by being completely honest and making sure not to exaggerate any of your symptoms. At the same time, however, don’t let the doctor twist your arm and get you to agree to being able to do a physically-demanding job that you should not be doing because of your disability. In this instance, for example, you could say that you might be able to keep this up for a week, but that you’re pretty sure that you would have to take the next week off to recover from the expected flare up.

Call a Disability Lawyer

The road to disability benefits can be long and difficult. Luckily you don’t need to fight alone. Having an experienced disability attorney represent your claim will greatly increase your odds of being approved for benefits. Call today for your free consultation.



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