The long battle is over, you have finally been approved for those much needed Social Security Disability benefits. The road was long and your only consolation for having to wait is the eagerly anticipated back benefits. Back benefits are benefits you would have received if your application had been approved right away. So the question remains, when will I get my check?

SSI versus SSDI Benefits

To answer this question it is important to first look at what type of benefits you were approved for. If you were approved for SSDI or DIB benefits only it gets a little simpler. Because this benefit is not affected by the amount of income or assets in a household this payment will typically be paid in one lump sum. Its Social Security’s ideal to get this payment out within 60 days of being approved for benefits. However, with many there are other factors involved that can make their wait time anywhere between 3 and 6 months.

If you are approved for SSI benefits only, your ongoing benefits are completely dependent on your currently household income and assets. Every month Social Security will look at your assets to determine eligibility for that month. If for that month you are above $2,000 in assets you will be ineligible for benefits that month. Because of this, Social Security cannot give you a lump sum of back pay because it will blow your eligibility for ongoing benefits. Rather, they will send you installments of about $2,000 every six months until your back pay is paid in full.

If you were approved for both DIB and SSI benefits it gets a little more tricky. Social Security will have to determine if you are eligible for SSI benefits moving forward, if you are, they will likely pay you in installments the same as if you were receiving SSI only. If your DIB payment is large enough that is makes you ineligible for ongoing SSI payments you will receive a lump sum of SSI back benefits as well as your DIB back benefits. This will likely be paid in a lump sum but may not depending on your individual circumstances.

Getting Approved For Benefits

Navigating the ins and outs of Social Security can be extremely difficult. With ever changing rules and regulations making sure your disability application is on track and that you are applying for everything you can is challenging. Having a qualified Utah disability attorney can make all the difference between winning and losing benefits. If you would like our experience to work for you give our office a call today. There is $0 up front and we will only get paid if we are able to get you benefits.




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